Welcome to the Analog Sample Set Shipping Site



Hello Colleague,

You have been directed to this page in order to set up shipment of your copy of the Analog Sample Set of photographic film and print media, and to order the (optional) dye transfer print that rounds out the Analog Sample Set.



The Analog Sample Set


Your shipping instructions email should have included a unique Coupon Code for you to use for your order. If it did not, please contact us at <analog@albumenworks.com> or by filling out the form on the Contact page of this website.

Use of the coupon will cause the unit price of the Analog Sample Set to drop from US$480 to US$0.00. The US$480 figure approximates the total cost, in financial and in-kind donations, of producing each of the 300 sets, and we owe deep gratitude to the institutions and individuals that supported this effort.

The Coupon Code authorizes the shipment of only one Sample Set, and it will expire after first use. If you are interested in more than one Sample Set, you will need to request additional Coupon Codes from the Distribution Committee, and use them each on a separate order.

You will be charged for shipping and handling only. Unless specifically requested, shipping will be via United States Postal Service Priority Mail for domestic shipments and First Class for international shipments.  Shipments of Sample Sets will commence on or about February 15, 2019.




The Dye Transfer Print


As was noted in your award letter, you will have the opportunity to order a dye transfer print to fill out the Analog Sample Set. The Analog Sample Set Committee tried diligently to secure grant finding for the dye transfer print. In the end, the committee had to honor the commitments made to the many generous donors that supported the making of the seventeen processes in the set you will receive. As a result, the decision was made to proceed to publication without a dye transfer print in hand. However, the printers, Guy Stricherz and Irene Malli, have agreed to produce the 300 dye transfer prints by this mid-year.

We are offering a pre-order price of US$210 for an 8 x 10” dye transfer print of the same target used for the full Analog Sample Set.

The previously announced April15th deadline to purchase at this price has been extended indefinitely

Purchase of this print is optional, but strongly encouraged, as this will be one of the last groups of dye transfer prints to be made by the renowned master printers Guy Stricherz and Irene Malli, owners of GNI Studios. Their phenomenal output includes, among others,

William Eggleston “Los Alamos”;
Bruce Davidson “Subway”;
Mitch Epstein “Recreation”;
Ernst Hass “The Creation”;
Magnum Photos “In our Time”;
Thomas Demand “Dailies”;
Hiro “Beta Fish”;
and  exhibitions by Zoe Leonard and Evelyn Hofer.


Please Note:

  • Purchase of the dye transfer is highly recommended.
  • Dye transfer prints will be available to ship in early-mid summer, 2019.
  • Dye transfer prints are available to anyone. There is no application process, no limit on the quantity ordered, and no need for a Coupon Code.
  • Dye transfer prints and their accompanying data sheets will be housed in the same 8×10” polypropylene binder page as the Sample Set pages, ready for insertion in the full set. Also included will be an updated Table of Contents.
  • If your order contains both a Sample Set and a dye transfer print, we will wait to ship both together when the dye transfer prints are completed and available for shipping. If you need your Sample Set in an earlier shipment, or if you ask to pick it up at one of the meetings mentioned above, we will contact you to arrange payment for the separate shipment of the dye transfer print. Alternatively, you may place two separate orders, one for each item, as there is no authorization needed for the dye transfer print.






If you would like to learn more about Chicago Albumen Works and our preservation and duplication services,

please visit us at https://albumenworks.com/